The names on this list are taken from the memorial located on the recreation ground (see photo). Where possible I've inserted links to the war graves commission website. Collating this data is quite a slog and the site is still under construction, though I do hope to have it completed soon. Special thanks to David Finch of Eccleshill for providing information on RAF personnel.

The lack of a link can either because of a discrepancy between the memorial & the war graves records, or because I've been unable to match them because of multiple entries for the same name. (Please note the war graves commission website is damn slow & often down!). Where I'm not 100% sure of a match I've put a question mark by the name. The memorial & war graves records also differ as to the year of some deaths, these are

L/Cpl Arthur Firth (1914, memorial says 1916)

Pte William Blakeborough (1915, memorial says 1916)

Pte Ernest Wilkinson (1917,memorial says 1918)

In addition, some names appear to be missing from the memorial :

2nd Lt George Mitchell (22/7/15) The Park

Gunner John Crossley (4/2/17) 59 Mount Avenue

Driver H L Waite (28/3/18)

Pte Louis John Buckingham Jespamine Lodge

Pte Frederick Greenwood West Royd Avenue

Pte Archie Huskisson 28 Beech Grove, Undercliffe

Pte Harry Lythe 12 Vernon Place, Undercliffe

Drummer Ralph Waller 4 Oxford Road, Undercliffe

If anyone has any information, please e-mail me.



Pte Samuel Clay 60 Falcon Terrace

Pte Charles Styles 80 Stonehall Road

Pte John Wood 8 Mount Road

Pte Sam Jones ?? (Uncertain if this link is correct)

Company Quartermaster Sgt Laurence Castley 300 Dudley Hill Road

L/Cpl Arthur Firth22 Wharncliffe Drive


Pte Harold Sellers 38 Idle Road

Pte Frederick Wilkinson 10 Fagley Place

Bbdr John Ramsbottom 6 Acre Lane

Pte Richard Jackson 5 Charnwood Road

Pte Herbert Brayshaw 81 Institute Road

Pte John Leach 6 King Street

Pte James Fitzpatrick?

Pte William Blakeborough 126 Undercliffe Road


Pte Gilbert Taylor 17 Mount Street

Pte Edward Branson 17 Fagley Road

Sapper James Wood 86 Victoria Road

Pte Frank W Ellis 22 Bronnet place

Cpl Henry M Johnson 15 Norman Drive

Pte Herbert Milner 67 Institute Road

Pte Charles Howe 87 Wellington Road

Pte Herbert Cawthorne 56 Mount Avenue

Pte George Haughton Fowler 320 Leeds Road

Pte George Clough 9 Fletton Terrace

Pte Tom Parker 18 Green Place

Pte Ernest Jones 16 Gibson Fold, Rooley Lane

Pte Frederick Hullah 265 Otley Road

Pte Alexander Robinson 157 Dudley Hill Road

L/Cpl Robert Helliwell 124 West View Terrace

Pte Walter Smith129 Victoria Terrace

Pte Arnold Wilkinson 9 Fagley Place

Pte Albert Waller 44 Institute Road

Pte Sydney Holdsworth 8 Mount Avenue

Pte Fred Jowett 12 Moorside Road

L/Cpl John Sanders 60 Institute Road

L/Cpl Alfred Helliwell 124 Idle Road

Pte William Waite 57 Mount Avenue

Gnr Arthur P. Jennings 82 Mount Avenue

L/Cpl George Kitchen 2 Junction Terrace,Bolton

Pte Arthur Allen 57 Undercliffe Road

Pte Joseph Barnett 62 Institute Road

Pte Sam Charlesworth 14 Undercliffe Road

Pte Frank Irving 15 Wrose Road

Pte John Patchet 41 Institute Road

Pte Thomas Watson 62 Wellington Road

AB W Arthur Sugden 9 Manor Street

Gnr George Baren 8 Norman Terrace


L/Cpl Gordon Dickinson 7 Holdsworth Building

Gnr William J Cooper

Pte Alfred Wells 7 Fagley Road

Pte Joseph W Robinson Percival Mount, Mooorside Road

Lt Francis G Heard Myrtle House, Undercliffe

Pte Harry D Barnett 94 Fagley Road

Gnr Edgar Wilman 53 Mount Avenue

Pte Harry N Dixon 2 Tunwell Lane

Pte Ben Baxter 24 The Bank

L/Cpl Henry Briggs Northfield

RFN Arthur Clifford Guy Ellenthorpe

Pte Harry Firth 161a Dudley Hill Road

Pte Harry Morris 19 Chapel Walk

Pte Harry Pipe 65a Fagley Road

Cpl Arthur Grange 6 Craven Terrace

Pte Fred Sampson 13 Fagley Place

L/Cpl William H Rhodes 51 Oxford Road

2nd Lt W Gordon Penrice Idle Road

Pte Albert Mouncey 12 Mount Street

Pte Horace Cariss 22 Leeds Road

Pte William Ellithorn 71 Institute Road

Gnr Charles H Mould 22 Chapel Street

Gnr David Finch 24 King Street

Cpl Albert Stevenson

Pte Fred Patchet 41 Institue Road

Pte Ernest Fogden 59 Charnwood Road

Pte Charles Jefferson 10 Intake Road, Fagley

L/Cpl Garside Charlesworth 10 Undercliffe Road

Gnr Ward Walton 51 The Bank

Pte George Bougen 20 Peterborough Terrace

L/Cpl Robert Moss 10 Mount Road

Gnr Edgar Murgatroyd 439 Harewood Street

Gnr Joeseph Pickles 6 Back Manor Street

CSM Joeseph McEvoy 59 Fagley Road

Pte Alfred Newbould 15 Westfield Crescent

Gnr Aflred Sagar 21 Peterborough Road

Pte Harry Read 130 Bolling Hall Road

Gnr Harold Hodgson 59 Mount Terrace

Pte Cyril Styles 12 Mount Avenue

Pte Harry Greenwood 461 Harewood Street

2nd Lt Harold Wheat 17 Whitehead Place

Cpl Winchester Glover 14 Junction Row

Pte Norman S Naylor 50 Mount Avenue

Gnr Ingham Crossley 353 Idle Road

Pte Edward Hall 7 Victoria Road

Pte Ernest Wilkinson 18 Fagley Terrace

Pte John W Close 17 Fletton Terrace

Pte Arthur Winpenny 9 Faxfleet Street

Wilfred Walsh


2nd Lt John Collinson 122 Highfield Road

Gnr Herbert Mitchell 41 Intake Road

Pte Edward Firth 22 Wharncliffe Drive (Can find his enlistment but not death)

Captain Ellison Murgatroyd 15 Intake Road

Pte Albert C Horne 4 Sherwood Place

Pte G Allen Whitham 44 Mount Avenue

Pte Frank Fogden 25 Peterborough Place

Pte Willie Bell 599 Killinghall Road

Pte Percy Howe 63 Chestnut Grove

Pte Harry Birch 8 Sherwood Place

Pte Arnold Pitts 35 Charnwood Road

Pte Frank Dickinson MM 22 Stoney Lane

2nd Lt Joseph M Hick15 Guys Cliffe

Pte Walter Manning 15 Hetton Terrace

Pte John H Shelton 439 Livingston Road

Pte Alfred Ingleby 7 Airedale Street

RSM Henry Barker DCM MM 17 Mount Street

Pte Frank Wheat 17 Whitehead Place

Gnr William Stanton 26 Wharncliffe Drive

Pte Walter Thornton 22 Harrogate Road

Pte Willie Jowett

Sgt George William Frith DCM 14 Bromet Place

Pte Victor Hillam 40 Institute Road

Bdr Walter Leach 5 Victoria Road

Pte Tom Hewitt 181 Dudley Hill Road

Pte Howard Peel 26 Acre Lane

Pte Arthur Jowett 45 Chapel Street

Gnr William Overend 130 Idle Road

Pte Arthur Clough 16 West Street

Smn Richard Durham 3 Institute Road

Sgt William Bower 40 Fletton Terrace

Pte J Barker Milner 9 Westgate

Pte Albert Horsfall 304 Moorside Road

Pte Joseph Taylor 6 Back Stone Hall Road

Sgt Charlie Kitson 14 Chapel Street

Pte D Jowett Skirrow 21 Chapel Walk

Pte Wilfred Howcroft 15 Moorwell Place

Pte John Waite 15 Bromet Place

Pte Gladwyn M Allcock 6 Mansfield Road

Driver H L Waite


Capt Robert Constantine Hill Rise, Lister Lane

Spr Fred Whitaker 40 Tower Street

Pte Ernest Wood Haigh Farm Moorside Road

Major William Hayes Fagley Villa



Private Allan Larkin 24 Charnwood Road

(Killed during Dunkirk evacuation)

Private Kenneth Roper 21 Bolton Drive

Gunner Cyril W Holmes 82 Victoria Road

Leading Seaman Wilfrid Walsh

(Killed when HMS Hyperion either struck a mine or was torpedoed in the Med on 22/12/40)


Ordinary Seaman Kenneth Markwell (should 1942)

(HMS Blean Torpedoed by U-boat U.443 off Oran 11/12/42)

Leading Aircraftsman Derrick Oldroyd

(Leading Aircraftsman William D Oldroyd - 25th January 1941. RAF - HQ St Eval. LAC Oldroyd was a pre war regular RAF serviceman and one of 21 RAF personnel killed in a surprise German attack by He111s on St Eval airfield. During the attack a 250kg bomb hit an air raid shelter next to the watch tower. 2 officers and 19 airmen were killed in the explosion and thirteen of these, including LAC Oldroyd were laid to rest in St Eval churchyard. )

Private Leonard Hargreaves

Able Seaman Patrick McEvoy (20 Mount Street)

(Killed when HMS Hood was sank on 24/5/41)

Sergeant Richard K Hayes 6 Belle Vue, Victoria Road

(Sgt Richard K Hayes - 1st Sept 41. RAFVR - 44 Squadron - Wireless operator/ Air gunner Sgt Hayes was an air gunner in the crew of Sgt S A Harvey RAFVR.. On the 31st August 41 at 2040 this crew took off from Waddington, Lincolnshire in a Handley Page Hampden AD726 for a bombing operation to Cologne. The aircraft crashed on return in the sea 25 miles East of Harwich killing all 4 crew. The body of Sgt Hayes was washed up on the Belgian coast and is buried at Oost-Duinkerke Communal Cemetery, Koksijde, Belgium. )

Sergeant Frank Burrell

(Sgt Burrell was a pre war regular RAF serviceman and air gunner in the crew of P/O P E C Robinson . On the 17th September 41 this crew took off from Luqa, Malta in a Bristol Blenheim Z7755 to attack 2 small enemy merchant ships and 2 tugs sailing towards Tunisia. P/O Robinson and crew attacked one of the ships at very low level. There was moderate light flak and as they released their bomb load the Blenheim was seen to burst into a mass of flames and crash into the sea. The returning crews speculated on the cause of this crash and although flak was the most obvious cause it was thought that the intensity of the fire was not likely to have been the result of the light flak that was encountered. It was considered possible that the crash could have been caused by a faulty or incorrect pistol fuse on one of the bombs which had exploded immediately on release instead of with the normal 11 second delay required for low level operations of this type. Both merchant ships were sunk for the loss of 2 of the 4 attacking Blenheims P/O Robinson and his crew were pronounced missing in action and all are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. )

Private Reginald M Garner (24/11/41) 99 De Grey Street

(Killed at Tobruk, Libya)

Lance Corporal Milton Bussey 543 Idle Road

Sergeant John Conroy

Sergeant W J Walsh 98 Gaythorne Lane (28/1/1944)

Gunner Hugh Ratcliffe 59 Stoney Lane

Able Seaman Albert E Jenkinson 5 Lamboutne Avenue

(Killed when HMS Kingston hit by shell on 22/3/42 in the Med)

Frank Dunn?


Sergeant? Donald Jowett (15/8/42) 86 Mount Street

(Killed in a flying accident at Stranraer, Scotland)

(Sergeant Donald Jowett - 5th Aug 1942. RAFVR - Unit unknown - Age 20. No details known. Sgt Jowett rests at Eccleshill Methodist burial ground so must have died in UK. Possibly killed in training accident. )

Gunner Ernest Moxon 2 Kingsley Avenue, Bolton

Lance Bombadier John James Bolton

(Died at El Alamein, Egypt)


Private Eric Anderson VC (6/4/1943) 3 Ashfield Place

Won the Victoria Cross in Tunisia

Sergeant Arthur Bowers (11/4/1943)

(Sergeant Arthur Bowers - 11th April 1943. RAFVR - 214 (FMS) Squadron. Sgt Bowers was air gunner in the crew of Warrant Officer G A Davie RAFVR. On the 11th April 1943 this crew took off from Chedburgh, Suffolk at 2052 in Short Stirling BE612 on a minelaying operation in the Gironde estuary. The aircraft was presumed lost in the target area. The bodies of 2 of the crew were washed ashore and are buried at the Royan Roman Catholic Cemetery, France and the remaining 5 crew members, including Sgt Bowers, were declared missing in action and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial )

George R Wright

Guardsman Francis T Boland (11/3/1943) Ravenscliffe Avenue


Sergeant Harry A Joint (3.1/1944) 312 Moorside Road

(Sergeant Harry A Joint - 3rd January 1944. RAFVR - 103 Squadron - Flight Engineer - Age 21. Sgt Joint was flight engineer in the crew of Warrant Officer E T Townend RNZAF. On the 3rd January 1944 at 0011 this crew took off from Elsham Wolds, Lincolnshire in Avro Lancaster JB747 for a bombing operation to Berlin. This was the crew’s 15th operation of what was an extremely demanding tour. The aircraft crashed at Zehrensdorf near Zossen, Germany killing all 7 of the crew who now rest at the Berlin 1939/45 War Cemetery Germany.)

Private John Harkin

Lance Corporal Stanley Clapham

Sergeant Jack Gomersal (19/3/1944)

(Flight Sergeant Jack Gomersal - 19th March 1944. RAFVR - 97 Squadron - Navigator - Age 21. F/S Gomersal was navigator in the crew of Flying Officer N J Callan RNZAF. On the 18th March 1944 at 1940 this crew took off from Bourn, Cambridgeshire in Avro Lancaster JB300 for a bombing operation to Frankfurt. The aircraft crashed in the general area of Kaiserslautern, Germany. 6 of the crew were killed outright but F/O Callan survived although very seriously injured. Sadly he died on the 25th March 44. F/O Callan rests at Choloy War Cemetery, France whilst his crew, including F/S Gomersal, rest at the Rheinburg War Cemetery, Germany. )

Private John A Boland

Rifleman Reginald S Raistrick

Sergeant John Blackburn (21/7/1944)

(Flight Sergeant John Blackburn - 21st July 1944. RAFVR - 248 Squadron - Pilot - Age 32 . On the 21st July 1944 F/S Blackburn took off from Portreath, Cornwall in De Havilland Mosquito V1 HP973 for an anti shipping/ reconnaissance operation off the French coast. His navigator was F/S W Scott from Sunningdale, Berkshire. During this operation aircraft from 235,248 and 406 Squadrons intercepted and attacked a number of German He 177 maritime reconnaissance and anti shipping aircraft of III/KG100 attacking a convoy. During this combat the Mosquitos claimed at least 6 He177s shot down and several more as probables or damaged. The Mosquito of F/S Blackburn was shot down by return fire from a German machine and crashed into the sea off the French island of Ushant. Both crew members are recorded as missing in action and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. )

Private Eric W Gilderdale

(Killed shortly after D-Day landings)

2nd Radio Officer Derek F Astley

Lance Corporal John Boardman

Corporal John Lister Renton

(Killed at Arnhem Sept 44 - "A Bridge too far")

Trooper G R Wilkinson 1 Musgrave Road

Sergeant Jack Lee 2 Ashfield Place (6/10/1944)?

(Sergeant Jack Lee - 7th October 1944. RAFVR - 115 Squadron - Air Bomber - Age 23. Sgt Lee was air bomber in the crew of Warrant Officer W Erickson RAFVR. On the 6th October this crew took off at 1645 from Witchford, Cambridgeshire in Avro Lancaster LL880 for a bombing operation to Frankfurt. The aircraft crashed in Germany killing all 7 of the crew. 4 of the crew, including Sgt Lee, rest at the Reichswald War Cemetery, Germany and 3 who were missing in action are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. )

Flying Officer Herbert Waite (10/11/1944)

(Flying Officer Herbert Waite - 10th November 1944. RAFVR - 104 Squadron - Air Bomber - Age 27. F/O Waite was airbomber in a 104 Squadron crew. On the 10th October this crew took off in a Vickers Armstrong Wellington X bomber from Foggia Main, Italy for an operation to Verona. He was in the crew of F/O J Pickles in a Vickers Armstrong Wellington MF420 on a supply dropping operation to N. East Italy. The squadron encountered severe electrical storms, also night fighter flares were seen. The aircraft ditched 14 Miles North East of Perscara for unknown reasons. F/O Waite rests at the Bari War Cemetery, Italy.)

Sergeant Joseph Hainsworth (16/11/1944)

(Sergeant Joseph Hainsworth - 16th November 1944. RAFVR - 17 Squadron - Duty unknown - Age 21. 17 Squadron was a fighter unit flying Hawker Hurricane IICs and in November 1944 was based in the Far East. Sgt Hainsworth rests in the Rome War Cemetery, Italy. It is possible that the reference to 17 Squadron is incorrect or that he may have died in Italy in transit to or from the Far East )

Sergeant Kenneth Steel (16/11/1944)

(Sergeant Kenneth Steel - 16th November 1944. RAFVR - 547 Squadron - Duty Unknown - Age 19. 547 Squadron was a Coastal Command unit flying Consolidated Liberators VIs on anti submarine and maritime reconnaissance patrols from Leuchars, Fife, Scotland in November 1944. Sgt Steel is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial so almost certainly must have been declared missing in action whilst on operations over the sea. )

Flying Officer Donald Braithwaite (24/11/1944)

(Flying Officer D Braithwaite - 23rd December 1944. RAFVR - 172 Squadron 172 Squadron were a Coastal Command Squadron flying Vickers Armstrong Wellington X11s on anti submarine and maritime reconnaissance patrols based in the Azores in December 1944. F/O Braithwaite rests at Undercliffe Cemetery so must have died in the UK. The circumstances of his death are not clear but it appears he wasn't killed aboard an aircraft)

Flying Officer Clifford C Lumby (3/2/1944) age 29

(Flying Officer Clifford C Lumby - 3rd February 1944. RAFVR - Unit unknown - Navigator - Age 29. No details known F/O Lumby rest at Eccleshill Congregational Chapel yard so must have died in the UK. Possible training accident. )

Sergeant Harold Jackson 21 Mount Terrace (28/11/1944)

(Sergeant Harold Jackson - 28th November 1944. RAFVR - 166 Squadron - Flight Engineer. Sgt Jackson was flight engineer in the crew of Flight Lieutenant R L Strachan RAFVR. On the 27th November 1944 this crew took off from Kirmington, Lincolnshire at 1600 in Avro Lancaster NG200 for a bombing operation to Freiburg. The aircraft crashed in the target area with no survivors and all 7 crew now rest at the Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany. )

Sergeant James North 102 Undercliffe Road (25/4/1942)

(Flight Sergeant James North - 25th April 1942. RAFVR - 9 Squadron - Wireless Operator - Age 20. Sgt North was wireless operator in the crew of Squadron Leader D H Holmes AFC RAF. On the 25th April 1942 at 2230 this crew took off from Honington, Suffolk in Vickers Armstrong Wellington X3226 for a bombing operation to Rostock. The aircraft failed to return and was recorded as lost without trace probably having crashed into the sea. All 6 crew were declared missing in action and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. )

Douglas Body

Sergeant R Booth 41 Mount Street (1/10/1942)

(Sergeant R Booth - 2nd October 1942. RAFVR - 15 Squadron - Navigator. Sgt Booth was navigator in the crew of Flying Officer J L Meredith RNZAF. On the 1st October 1942 this crew took off from Bourn, Cambridgeshire at 1915 in Short Stirling W7634 for a bombing operation to Lubeck. The aircraft crashed in the Baltic near Peenemunde. All 7 crew were killed. The body of one was washed ashore but the remainder of the crew, including Sgt Booth, were declared missing in action and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. )

S Hollins

Sergeant James W Argent (17/6/1944)

(Sergeant James W Argent - 17th June 1944. RAFVR - Unit unknown - Flight Engineer - Age 31. No details known. Sgt Argent rests at Scholemoor Cemetery so must have died in the UK. Possible training accident )

Lance Segeant Alec Light 9 Pullan Grove (9/12/39) (Canadian?)


Able Seaman Arthur Lee?

(Ship HMS Bluebell, torpedoed by U-boat 711 while protecting Arctic Convoys)

Sergeant Charles D Mountain (17/1/1945)

(Sergeant Charles D Mountain - 7th January 1945. RAFVR - 635 Squadron - Wireless Operator. Sgt Mountain was wireless operator in the crew of Flight Lieutenant R M Clarke RAAF. On the 7th January 1945 this crew took off from Downham Market, Norfolk at 1902 in Avro Lancaster PB173 for a bombing operation to Munich. This aircraft is believed to have collided with another Lancaster of 405 Squadron and both aircraft crashed near Unterpfalenhofen, Germany with no survivors. Of F/L Clarke’s crew 5, including, Sgt Mountain, are listed as missing in action and commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. The 2 air gunners are buried at the Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany. )

Sergeant Albert C Lonsdale

(Buried in Myanmar, formarly Burma)

Warant Officer Kenneth Midgley (22/9/1945)

(Warrant Officer Kenneth Midgley - 22nd September 1945. RAFVR - Unit unknown - Duty Unknown - Age 23. At this time all hostilities in the Far East had ceased so the death of W/O Midgley was almost certainly due to accident or illness. W/O Midgley rests in Colombo ( Livermentu ) Cemetery, Sri Lanka. )

Lieutenant Alan P Mountain DFC (23/9/1946) 29 Bolton Villas

(Flight Lieutenant Alan P Mountain DFC and bar DFM - 23rd September 1946. RAFVR - 98 Squadron - Pilot - Age 29. 98 Squadron were a fighter bomber unit flying De Havilland Mosquitos in September 1946. At this time all hostilities in Europe had ceased so the death of F/L Mountain was almost certainly due to accident or illness. F/L Mountain was a highly decorated airman. He received both his Distinguished Flying Cross awards whilst serving with 109 Sq as a pilot flying De Havilland Mosquitos on Pathfinder operations late in the war. Further details of these are not as yet known. The Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to this airman must have been awarded prior to this when he was an NCO and no details of this award are as yet known. F/L Mountain rests at Hannover War Cemetery, Germany. )

Private George Broadbent


Leading Aircraftsmen Clifford Finch (17/11/1942)

(Leading Aircraftsman David C Finch - 17th November 1942. RAFVR - Unit unknown. LAC Finch rests at the Jakarta War Cemetery, Indonesia. Although the British and Commonwealth forces in Java and Sumatra put up brave resistance against hopeless odds the islands were captured by the Japanese in March 1942. Of particular note is the defence of Kalidjati, airfield Java when RAF ground crew fought as infantry against Japanese airborne troops. LAC Finch is listed as being a prisoner of war and must have died in captivity later that year of disease or the brutal treatment for which the Japanese were notorious. In 1961 the numerous British and Commonwealth War Graves in Java and Sumatra were exhumed and the remains of those buried were reinterred at the Jakarta War Cemetery. )

Gunner Harry Frier (1/3/1942)

Signalman Ralph Baxter 1945

Fyling Officer Bryan Samuel (15/1/1943) 121 Fagley Road

(Flying Officer Bryan Samuel - 15th January 1943. RAFVR - 160 Squadron - Navigator - Age 21. F/O Samuel was navigator in the crew of Flight Lieutenant P Price RAFVR. On the 15th January this crew took off from Shandur, Egypt in Consolidated Liberator AL620 for a bombing operation on road communications at Tripoli. Very intense light and heavy flak was encountered by the attacking bombers and it is believed that this aircraft was a flak victim and crashed in the region of Tripoli. One crew member was able to bale out and was taken prisoner but the other 7 crew were sadly killed and rest at Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya. )

Leading Aircraftsmen George W Holt (10/8/1942) 48 Moorside Road

(Leading Aircraftsman George W Holt - 10th August 1942. RAFVR - Unit unknown - Age 31. Possible victim of one of the frequent bombing raids on Malta at this time. LAC Holt rests at the Malta Capuccini Naval Cemetery. )

Sergeant Jack Walker 74 Pullan Avenue (26/9/1943)

(Sergeant Jack Walker - 26th September 1943. RAFVR - Unit unknown - Pilot - Age 27. No details known. Sgt Walker rests at Undercliffe Cemetery so must have died in the UK. Possibly killed in training accident.)

Trooper William Watmough (1945) 1 Moorside Road

Gunner Bob Wilkinson (5/3/43)

Corporal William W Wilshire (20/7/1942)

(Corporal William W Wilshire - 20th July 1942. RAFVR - Unit unknown - Age 33. No details known. Cpl Wilshire was cremated at Bradford Crematorium so must have died in the UK. )

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