Mother Theresa & the Mob - The Untold Story

Mother Theresa of CorleoneMother Teresa before her death

Evidence gathered by The Silly News has uncovered the complex web of dirty money that kept Mother Theresa of Calcutta's empire of orphanges working. Mother Theresa was born Agnes Bojaxhia in Albania in 1910 and used Balkans contacts to open heroin supplies to the US. During World War 2 she assisted the US military by exercising control of long-shoremans union on the Adriatic coast. This gave her the springboard to massively extend her smuggling operations. In 1935 she crossed swords with Al Capone, during a standoff slashed his face with a razor blade, he became known as "Scarface", she became known as "Mother To Razor" of Chicago, she later changed this toMother Theresa of Calcutta.

In the mid sixties she was shipping up to 100 Kilos a month of high grade heroin into the eastern seaboard, from there the drugs were distributed by crime families in New York, Philadelphia and Montreal. Mother Theresa felt she was being shaken down by her US contacts and teamed up with a crime syndicate working out of LA. Once entrenched in the narcotics scheme she extended into loan sharking, extortion, prostitution and organic farming.Meyer Lansky fronted Mother Theresa when the Flamingo casino was opened in Vegas in 1946.

By the late sixties a bitter turf war was in full swing, and several gang related killings occurred. Mother Theresa narrowly escaped death when a pipe bomb was placed under her rickshaw back in Calcutta, it exploded killing her rickshaw driver. By 1970 Mother Teresa had established complete dominence of the mob and was known as the "Mother of Mothers". Up to $1million per week was pouring into her chain of orphanages. The money was smuggled out of the US in cash and laundered through a branch of the Yorkshire Bank in Cleethorpes, England, from there it was siphoned back to India.

Police forces across the world gained evidence of her crimes, Italian police indited her for involvement in gun running, French gendarmes charged her with two counts of murder, the RCMP (Mounties) in Toronto bugged telephone calls demonstrating her involvement in an extortion racket, while British customs caught her with a blue video. She fled to India which had no extradition treaty with the US, she felt untouchable.

She fostered relations with the notorious Papa Doc Duvalier of Haiti. Haiti became a staging post for her narcotics smuggling as well as providing a cover for money laundering, in return the Duvaliers were bankrolled by Mother Theresa, in addition she "blessed" Papa Doc, this was a code-word for initiation into her crime family, rival gang members nicknamed the two as the "mamas & papas". The fat, crooked British media tycoon Robert Maxwell was involved in her syndicate, his publishing interests promoted her as a champion of the poor.

The FBI believed they had a cast iron case on her when Sam Giancana agreed to provide state evidence on her. He was offered a place on the federal witness protection program as well as immunity from prosecution. However Giancana was gunned down in 1975 before he could testfy. Mother Theresa has never denied involvement in the assasination.

Jimmy Hoffa, boss of the Hamsters union That same year she spearheaded the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa, leader of the notorious Hamsters union. Hoffa had set up an orhange in Bombay, Mother Theresa was regarded Hoffa as "having parked his tank on her lawn". She had him tortured then shot, his remains were stuffed into an oil drum in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Mother Teresa moved with the times and during the eighties and nineties made contect with the Russian Mafia, Japanese Jacuzzi, the Medallion cartel from Columbia. As her wealth and power grew she cultivated contacts with world politicians, statesman and royalty. Only after her death is the full extent of her crimes being uncovered.

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